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Information on a company: 4 years old, already open & doing business in 100 countries and has over 100,000 distributors but hardly anyone knows about them... YET!
Amazing WELLNESS Categories; Radiation/EMF shields, Nutrition; Liquids, Powders & Sprays, Website Design with Prospecting System + NEW A.I. Technology, Travel, Language Tutoring, Forex Trading, & Shopping Portal for your own Ecommerce Store! Something for Everyone!

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Proprietary bio-energetic technology, BD Protect neutralizes EMF waves and supports your health and wellbeing as you are exposed to "dirty energy" EMF electro-magnetic frequencies every minute of every day. More people are aware of EMF's and are looking for a solution!  Wristband - All Your Devices - Home - Electric Car... Got You Covered!

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BD Protect Cress Sprouts Growth Test

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Study on BD Protect Bracelet

BD Protect Creator Training

Company website

Spray Nutritional's


Curcumin + Resveratrol & Glutathione w/ CELLg8 technology

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Lightning & Mist (sprays)

Brochures w/ ingredients CLICK HERE


Cellg8 website:

ByDzyne is a platform offering a multitude of products and services that once a member, you can shop and share!

All your website links in your back office:

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To join, you become a Preferred Customer, then select your pack or Build your own.  Once you have made an initial purchase, you will go in your back office and UPGRADE for $20 annual fee to be a distributor.
NOTE:  BD Protect products can only be purchased in your BOS store.  All this information will be explained further.


To join & purchase:


Contact me anytime:
Barbara Jin Turner
Brand Partner

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